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Benefits of having Alexander Lessons

” It is important to remember that the use of a specific part in any activity is closely associated with the use of other parts of the organism”

“the influence by the various parts one upon another is continuously changing in accordance with the manner of use of these parts” F.M. Alexander.

This to be essential knowledge in understanding how “our use” plays into daily life creating a general baseline of well being. Often stresses building  in the body are layered upon one another resulting in a lower level of wellness.  For example if the neck is tight the whole body adapts around the tension and this would be the same in any other area of the body the low back, knees, ankles and so on. The Alexander Technique lesson offers the student to be apart of there own change. Gaining awareness around what it is like to move with more ease and integration. It is amazing, every time when a student begins to move with ease watching the smile and lightness in activity come thru is a joy.

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