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Diana has been  in the field of wellness since 1989, continuously studying to develop her skills to help others. Her background in Physical Therapy started in 1994 as a licensed PTA adding  Craniosacral Therapy and many other healing modalities along the way.

Diana became a interested student of the Alexander Technique in 1998. Studying with Corrina Trabucco.   In 2016 she completed the three year certification program at the Boston Conservatory under the guidance of Deborah Fishbein -Adams and Tommy Thompson, in association with the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge. Her evolving knowledge and personal inquiry into the benefits of the technique are on going.



"Working with Diana is always a pleasure. She puts into words feelings and emotions that to most people are intangible. She worked with me as I played the prelude to Bach Cello Suite IV. Her "mini-lesson" was absolutely brilliant! Diana told me that the scroll and pegs of my cello could act as "references" to "forward and up." Every time I play now, I am reminded of this experience and my ability to change the way I approach playing. The piece I played is full of string crossings and shifts. As I played, Diana put hands on me and said that the strings were my ribs and that each string crossing could move with each breath and allow for more freedom in the ribs. I played the piece in studio class a few days later and a student commented that my string crossings were quite smooth! When Diana works with you, she works at a slow, but not too slow pace, allowing you to be in the present and embrace yourself for who you are. She meets you where you are at, adjusting her phrasing to meet the student and the student's needs at the time." Sara Cook
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